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Engineering skills for the layperson with online e-learning platform

Technical businesses crave for employees with technical skills. We focus on you gaining useful carrier skills. That’s All That Matters.

We offer courses in technical knowledge designed by skilled engineers with an intuitive approach tailored to the layperson. We offer online 1-on-1 tutoring with experienced tutors to keep your learning on track.

For the non-technical professional, the job-seeking individual, and the home-schooled student.


Improve your CV Gain technical skills to open up for new job opportunities Broaden your skills into other technical fields Qualify for a job in a technical business


Make yourself valuable for your project group Gain a useful, fundamental grasp of the technical fundamentals Participate actively in technical meetings and presentations Understand and challenge your engineer colleagues.

Student or home-schooling?

Perfect for home-schooling Quality out-of-school learning into the STEM fields Grasp the technical foundation of how the world works Prepare for technical exams A platform for you technical self-study


Get insight into your department's technical work Grasp the technical foundation of your development project Be better prepared and equipped for technical meetings Become able to challenge and question your engineers at presentations and conferences

About this e-learning platform

This platform contains a range of e-learning courses in technical disciplines embedded in a professional/social network of like-minded laypeople. The platform, named All That Matters Academy, was created in Denmark in 2019.

Our courses are aimed at professionals in various non-technical fields as well as newcomers in technical subjects who need a technical engineering-based foundation, and who need it served at their level with respect for an intuitive, non-mathematical approach.

The courses contain a mix of reading, quizzing, theoretical solving and practical experimentation in your own home. We aim towards engaging you to experiment and demonstrate via materials you can find in your own home, kitchen, bathroom, garden or office.

To officially confirm your acquired skills, passed courses, and mastered engineering disciplines for your CV or employer, final certification tests are available for an official certificate/diploma
(Certification are available from the end of February 2020)


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Master the everyday questions

  • Does your kid ever, curious of the world, ask ‘why can’t we pour electricity into a cup?
  • your sister ‘why does the bike wheel fall over when standing still but not when rolling?’,
  • your colleague ‘that satellite hanging up there above our heads all night, why doesn’t it fall down and crash?’,
  • your partner ‘why can I hold a plastic spoon but not a metal spoon in the boiling soup?’ or
  • your father ‘why is the dawn red and the midday sky blue when space is black?’?
  • Have you yourself ever wondered how the world is put together with its time and space?

Would you like to be able to answer?

An intuitive approach

We have designed intuitive, down-to-earth courses for technical laypeople into high-level engineering knowledge and theory in various disciplines. Richly illustrated with intuitive graphics. We respect the non-mathematical approach of our users and tailor our courses and lessons specifically to you who are not educated in technical fields.

Motivating course flow

Our online platform provides a simple course flow that carries you seamlessly through bit-sized lessons, motivates you to continue and finish with quizzes, achievements and badges, speaks to you in a “human” language and provides for groups and classrooms with other members and forums for discussions and questions.

Based on scientific studies and articles with public references

Never believe without understanding. Don’t trust our words, trust only what you understand and grasp. This is our approach to all our technical teaching. All content throughout our courses is proven/derived from the bottom up or clearly referenced to publicly available sources you can visit and verify. 

Expert tutors will aid your learning

Whether you are a professional or a student, young or old, you will greatly advance your learning with advice from, sparing with and asking questions to an expert. Our tutors are experts in their fields, and through our platform you can communicate live 1-on-1 with a tutor through our chat-based messaging system.

Social learning community

Share your progress with friends, discuss topics, doubts and issues in classrooms, connect with and follow users and participants. A social environment has proven to be the best learning environment that keeps you engaged and motivated. Furthermore, you will eventually become able to answer other users’ questions in our forums.

Valuable features of the platform

Strong resource bank

Our courses are complemented with extra resources, more info, data tables, graphs and schematics, overviews of properties and values, and intuitive proofs of all statements, formulas and expressions in the courses.

5 skill categories

Skills are split into mathematical, historical (contexts, influential people), engineering (examples of nature’s and humans’ genuity), philosophical (what we think and feel about the world's phenomena) and technical (how the world works) skills.

A professional community

Discussion groups and classrooms that you can create allow for social interaction among users and course participants. Get your doubts clarified, your questions answered – and eventually you will be able to answer other’s questions. A social learning environment is the best motivator to stay on track and finish your courses.

Monthly tutor assistance with our Tutor Plan subscription

Get your questions answered on the fly and get assistance with the technical subjects you struggle with. Our tutors are skilled in pedagogical methods and are experts in their fields. Chat with them, whenever you need them. We try to be online all week.

Separated main path

Our courses are pedagogically designed with a technical main path separated from optional mathematics, application examples and other on-the-side skills. The main path gives you the minimal, necessary overview and keeps you on track.

Easy-to-understand content

We make sure every class is easily understood, intuitive and contains contain high-quality content. Every detail is tailored to the layperson with no prerequisites.

Created by engineers

High-quality content into all aspects of the technical world, designed to raise your understanding to a firm foundation of a 1st- or 2nd-year engineering student.

Achieve a certificate

(Available from March 2020) Build an exciting CV with official certificates / diplomas from All That Matters Academy personalised to you to prove your newly gained skills. Achieved certificates can at all times be downloaded in .pdf format from your account.

Gamification with badges and achievements

Stay motivated by collecting badges, streaks and other achievements as well as memories of what you've learned for your memory inventory.

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Who are we?

All That Matters Academy has a vision of a technically literate world. Tech-devices are all around us; technology, product design and development, materials and natural phenomena are often a mystery to the layperson. We wish to change that. All That Matters Academy is a Danish company founded in 2019 by Steeven Hegelund Spangsdorf.

Steeven is a materials engineer, specialised in energy materials and general physics, and has worked as a technology specialist at Hempel A/S. He is a trained instructor, specialist teacher and educational planner from the Danish Military and has worked as TA, tutor, private teacher and class teacher in engineering mathematics and physics at the university for 7 years.

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