All That Matters Academy has a vision of a technically literate world.

  • Tech-devices are all around us. Technology, product design and development, materials and natural phenomena are often a mystery to the layperson. We wish to change that.
  • Technical and knowledge-based jobs are all around us. Technical skills and engineers are in high demand by businesses all over the globe. We wish to provide a platform outside of university where laypeople can improve their technical skill level to enter this large area of carrier opportunity.

All That Matters Academy is dedicated to encourage for, motivate towards and increase the understanding of the technical aspects of our world among laypeople who have limited insight into this field. Our goal is that every body can point at anything in the room and explain how it works.

All That Matters Academy is a Danish company (CVR no. / VAT id: DK-40665412) founded in 2019 by Steeven Spangsdorf.

Steeven Hegelund Spangsdorf

Materials engineer, specialised in energy materials and general physics from The Technical University of Denmark. Previously Technology Specialist at Hempel A/S in Denmark.

Trained instructor, specialist teacher and educational planner from the Danish Military. Has worked as TA, tutor, private teacher and class teacher in engineering mathematics and physics at the university for 7 years.

Reach out: @steeven