NASA recording confirming Galileo

You’ve heard that everything falls equally fast, right?

A counter-intuitive phenomenon. It’s not easy to see here on Earth with wind and air resistance interfering.

But when a hammer and a feather are dropped by an Apollo 15 moon-landing astronaut, get ready to have your mind blown when they land simultaneously.

If you haven’t seen it yet, this NASA recording from 1971 has been added to the Gravity skill in the Motion discipline. Click to go directly to the video:

The Motion 1 course is free for all members without a subscription. Please have a look and be amazed.

In other news, changes are happening to the courses on the site now that we are building up towards launching certification diplomas.

Most importantly, more tasks are being added and spread throughout all courses during the next week. Tasks both for do-it-yourself-at-home experiments, for problem-solving and with quizzes.

So far tasks have only been placed at the end of courses, but spreading them out will give variation between learning, training and hands-on, keeping motivation and interest high.

More news in a few weeks when the Energy discipline is ready for launch!