Belief 1: (Simplicity) The world is simple; how we use it is complicated.

Seven core beliefs define the worldview that this platform is created on:
Belief 1: SimplicityBelief 2: AbilityBelief 3: GoalBelief 4: Content
Belief 5: ApproachBelief 6: ToolsBelief 7: Description

The first fundamental belief of this platform concerns simplicity:

The world is simple; how we use it is complicated.

You may disagree at first. After all, the world seems so awfully complex. But hear us out…

Nobody can out-of-a-sudden grasp electromagnetism, relativity and mechanics – a 4-year old would also struggle with the idea of negative numbers, brackets and commas. But guide him to it stepwise, let him understand what leads to it, and he will suddenly get it. And so will you when guided step-by-step through the technical world. Anything is only difficult if the step is too big.

And that, we believe, is why everything you ever found difficult was difficult: Your teacher couldn’t properly guide your understanding stepwise. Somewhere there was a teaching-jump too large for you to follow along – and from then on everything was difficult.

This platform is your new “teacher”; with the goal of not repeating that mistake. If you at any page find the step too large, if you ever find anything not properly understood before the course continues, please give a heads-up to an admit. However small, a missing step ruins all that follows.