Belief 2: (Ability) Anyone can learn anything, without exception

Seven core beliefs define the worldview that this platform is created on:
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Belief 5: ApproachBelief 6: ToolsBelief 7: Description

The second fundamental belief of this platform concerns ability:

Anyone can learn anything, without exception

You may disagree at first – after all, you felt quite stupid in school – but hear us out…

The Homo Sapiens’ brain can grasp incredible amounts of information, imagine infinite creations and understand endlessly.

You have such a brain.

We all do. It is neither limited to your current profession, educational background (or lack hereof) nor your difficulties and past failures in life. Regardless of you being a lawyer, baker, housewife, high-schooler, banker, CEO, history teacher or unemployed homeless person, you have all the brain it takes.

It’s not that I’m so much smarter, it’s just that I stay with problems longer

Albert Einstein[1]

Nothing is in the way of your understanding but your own feeling of being bad at math, science, logic, of being bad in school, not fit for technics, not able to analyse. The next-door nerd has no better brain than you; he just chose a topic and stayed at it all the way.

Maybe he chose it out of interest and motivation, a motivation you never found. This platform wants to change that and raise an interest in you to understand more around you than ever before.

We urge you to realise that everything in this technical world is within reach of your brain. This e-learning platform is tailored to show you exactly that – to fit everyone regardless of education, job, mindset and scepticism. No prerequisites needed, neither in science nor math. Put the delusion of inadequateness aside and trust this platform to do the job. It is written for the absolute layman with no technical background.


  1. Bite-size Einstein’ (book), Jerry Mayer & Albert Einstein, St. Martin’s Press, 1st ed., 1996, www.goodreads.com/book/show/231619.Bite_Size_Einstein, ISBN 9780312145514