Belief 4: (Content) The world consists of a few properties, mechanisms and phenomena.

Seven core beliefs define the worldview that this platform is created on:
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The fourth fundamental belief of this platform concerns the way we present the content:

The world consists of a few properties, mechanisms and phenomena.

You may disagree with the word ‘few’ – the world seems exhaustively vast – but hear me out…

If we split the World into some fitting

  • categories, or disciplines, (electricity, fluids, motion, interactions, light), then each contains a portion of
  • properties (time, speed, temperature, force, pressure) that combine because of
  • mechanisms (glowing lights, blowing winds, natural laws, physical relationships) which, when the circumstances are just right, can cause
  • events, or phenomena, (thunder, the sound wall, Northern lights, precession, chain reactions, fire).

This is what makes up the world. Each discipline is tangible and, although it does cover a fair bit of topics, not endlessly large.

The properties, mechanisms and phenomena of the world can be put together to form:

  • manmade inventions (machines, tools, devices) as well as
  • natural creations (atoms, oceans, mountains).

There are endless possibilities. Endless possible combinations of those properties, mechanisms and phenomena. That is what complicates the world and takes years to learn. The applications, not the mechanisms and phenomena themselves – what we do with the world, not how it works.

The world is simple and contains not too much for us to grasp; all the ways in which it can be used makes it vast, but how it works is simple enough. How to use the world is mastered at engineering educations with practical experience in years and maybe decades; how the world works, as laid out in this platform, is mastered in maybe months.