Belief 5: (Approach) Never believe, only understand.

Seven core beliefs define the worldview that this platform is created on:
Belief 1: SimplicityBelief 2: AbilityBelief 3: GoalBelief 4: Content
Belief 5: ApproachBelief 6: ToolsBelief 7: Description

The fifth belief of this platform concerns the approach, the mindset:

Never believe, only understand.

You may disagree – you’ve always unquestioned believed your teachers. Don’t. Hear me out…

The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see


A good teacher waters your understanding, makes it blossom on its own, makes your mind connect and realise by itself as if the teacher wasn’t there. If you at any step along the way can’t understand why and just have to trust the words in order to carry on, then this platform has failed.

Every time you belief what a smart person tells you instead of thinking your own way to it, then you fail in belief no. 3: Then you won’t be able to explain it yourself. Then your understanding relies solely on what you (think you) heard and not necessarily on reality.

This platform will never claim anything (apart from the motivational words in this introduction), or at least as little as possible. It will never say ‘this is how it is’ and expect you to just believe that. If any claims are ever given, references and sources are provided. This platform is not based on the opinions of the creators but on reality.

Consider the lessons as the voice in your head that leads you to your own understanding. Such a voice will never suddenly throw out a claim. It will give good ideas of where and how to look or think about things; it will be a guidance for you mind to figure things out. Make sure throughout the the courses that you only trust what you understand. Never accept what anyone says if you don’t really get it.

When any data is given, comparisons are used or assumptions are made on this platform, clear references are given to studies or experiments that have proven it. Only verified facts, studies and knowledge is used.

When you are through, you will have gained technical insight and understanding at the level of a first/second-year engineering school study.