Belief 7: (Description) The world works the same, regardless of how we speak about it.

Seven core beliefs define the worldview that this platform is created on:
Belief 1: SimplicityBelief 2: AbilityBelief 3: GoalBelief 4: Content
Belief 5: ApproachBelief 6: ToolsBelief 7: Description

The seventh and last fundamental belief of this platform concerns how we describe the world:1

The world works the same, regardless of how we speak about it.

You may encounter things that you have learnt in slightly different ways – but hear me out…

This platform builds up everything from scratch and is loyal to the intuitive and straight-to-the-point explanations. It may differ from usual scientific definitions now and then, when another road to the point is more intuitive. When that happens there will be a note to make this clear, so the reader is aware of the usual consensus.

Things can be explained and defined in many ways, and it is not always the easiest or most intuitive way that is chosen in classical literature. For instance, the SI base unit for mass has always been defined as the ‘kilogram‘ rather than just the ‘gram‘, which would be simpler and feel more fundamental. This is nothing but a historical quirk; after being in use for over a century, it is not easy to change.[2]

On this platform we are working hard to make all explanations and descriptions intuitive and useful for the layperson, and we hope that the user can live with any discrepancies between our approach and the usual approach.


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