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Summary of the Energy discipline

You have finished the 2nd and final half of the Energy discipline! With disciplines completed up until here, the door is open to several categories such as that about waves and oscillations, thermodynamics, electronics and more.

All learned properties and mechanisms are stored as memories on your profile, where you can always go to brush them up. If you struggle with any topics in the tests, the Energy classroom is a great place to seek aid.

New properties
Kinetic energy$K$
Gravitational potential energy$U_g$
Elastic potential energy$U_\text{elastic}$
New mechanisms
Kinetic energy$$K_\text{trans}=\frac 12 mv^2$$
$$K_\text{rot}=\frac 12 I\omega^2$$
Potential energy$$\vec F=-\nabla U$$
$$U_\text{elastic}=\frac12 k\Delta L^2$$
Work$$W=F\Delta s$$
Work-energy theorem$$W_\text{all}=\Delta K$$
Energy conservation law $$E_1+W+Q=E_2$$
Power$$P=\frac{\mathrm dE}{\mathrm dt}$$
New phenomena
Equilibrium$$\sum \vec F=0$$$$\sum \vec \tau=0$$
No-energy rolling