Existence 1

The ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘how big’, ‘how many’, ‘how far’ and ‘how spacious’


Existence 1 Existence 2

What are the most fundamental questions we can ask about our world?

When should I leave?’ ‘How will I get there?’ ‘Can my bag fit in the trunk?’ ‘How many bags may I carry onboard the flight?’ These questions are always our starting point in anything we do and think: the ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘how big’, ‘how many’, ‘how far’ and ‘how spacious’.

Most of this discipline will for most participants feel obvious, and that is why we start here. We cannot explain speed without time and space. We cannot pay our bills without the idea of quantity and counting. The most fundamental and often obvious concepts let us explain everything else.

The first thing they explain to us is whether we and our world even exists.

When you are done with this discipline, you will know how to hold a pizza slice to avoid it bending over and dripping its cheese. Yes, these are the really important and fundamental questions.

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Existence 1 Existence 2

When you have finished all courses in this discipline you have gained technical insight and understanding about the following lists of new technical properties, mechanisms and phenomena from our world:

New properties
Time t
Position \overset \to s
Length or distance L
Area A
Volume V
Angle \theta
Quantity n
Curvature k
Gaussian curvature G

New mechanisms
Curvature conservation G_\text{before}=G_\text{after}

New phenomena
The circle ratio \pi


Also you will have gained mathematical insight and understanding about the following lists of mathematical terms and tools:

New math terms
Decimal numbers
Positive & negative numbers -, +
Units \mathrm s, \mathrm m, \mathrm{m^2}, \mathrm{m^3}, ~^\circ, \mathrm{radian}
Prefixes \mathrm{G}-, \mathrm{M}-, \mathrm{k}-, \mathrm{m}-, \mathrm{\mu}-, \mathrm{n}-
Coordinates & coordinate systems
Powers & exponents

New math tools
Introductory algebra
Multiplication \cdot


These tables are your checklists when you are done. Enjoy the Existence discipline!

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