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Space is quite an abstract concept. We use it in daily life to understand ‘where’ and ‘how far’.

  • With ‘where’ we mean locations or positions that make up space.
  • With ‘how far’ we mean distance or displacement; the space from one position to a new one.

In general, the abstract idea of space seems to more concretely be all about positions. We would not ask ‘What space is it?’ but rather the more concrete ‘What position is it at?Position seems to represent space in a tangible and measurable manner. We might say that space has the property that it is made up of positions. Position is a property that clarifies – that defines and represents – what we mean by space. Position is the property of space.1

With time and quantity,

  • we can say ‘what moment is it?’ but it of course also works to say ‘what time is it?
  • and we can say ‘how many are there?’ but also ‘what quantity is it?

It seems to already be fully tangible and measurable to use the terms time and quantity. There is no need to rename them. We will simply think of them as properties along with position. These three properties define the concepts of time, quantity and space, so that we are able to talk about them, measure them and work with them.


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