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Kinetic friction

Your hand does not slide as easily over a wooden table as over a frozen icy lake. There is more resistance against the sliding. More friction, we could call it.

There turns out to be different types of friction, so let’s call this one dynamic or sliding or kinetic friction,1 and we can symbolise it as $\vec f$ for ‘friction’ with a lowered $_k$ for ‘kinetic: $\vec f_k$.

When wiping dishes, kinetic friction is ripping the filth off. Tough filth might require a rougher steel-wool sponge. As if roughness causes frictions. If we zoom in, we might see surfaces having roughness “peaks” and “valleys” (called ‘asperities’).[2,3] Both of the two contacting surfaces have such a roughness with “valleys” and “peaks” at the micro-scale. We can imagine that when the surfaces meet, the “peaks” of one would “grip into” the “valleys” of the other. And this “grip” gives the effect of friction!2

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