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The ‘how tough’ and ‘how strong’


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With the discipline of Motion, we know exactly how stuff moves. But not why. Why does acceleration exist? What causes it? The answer is forces! Also called the topic of dynamics.

This discipline answers the simple yet all-embracing questions: ‘how tough’ and ‘how strong’.

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Forces 1 Forces 2 Forces 3

New properties
Force $\vec F$
Mass $m$
Friction coefficients $\mu_k$, $\mu_s$
Stiffness / spring constant $k$

New phenomena
Kinetic friction (Amontons' law) $f_k=\mu_k n$
Static friction $f_s\leq \mu_s n$
Weight $w=mg$
Normal force $\vec n$
Tension $\vec T$
Elastic force (Hooke's law) $F_\text{elastic}=k\Delta L$

New mechanisms
Newton's 1st law $$\sum\vec F=0$$
Newton's 2nd law $$\sum\vec F=m\vec a$$

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