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Summary of Forces 1

You have finished the 1st third of Forces! We have been through the unblurred points in the lists below. Continue to Forces 2.

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New properties
Force$\vec F$
Friction coefficients$\mu_k$, $\mu_s$
Stiffness / spring constant$k$
New phenomena
Kinetic friction (Amontons' law)$f_k=\mu_k n$
Static friction$f_s\leq \mu_s n$
Normal force$\vec n$
Tension$\vec T$
Elastic force (Hooke's law)$F_\text{elastic}=k\Delta L$
New mechanisms
Newton's 1st law$$\sum\vec F=0$$
Newton's 2nd law$$\sum\vec F=m\vec a$$