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Badges & memory inventory

The site awards you with badges when you finish specific valued achievements. Some are easy to get, others are harder. Badges can be achieved for finishing courses, quizzes etc. as well as for being active on the social community.


Create your first group or classroom and invite someone to join to earn this badge

2 Required Steps

  • Create a group
  • Invite another user to join a group

Skilled in Energy

Complete all courses in the Energy discipline to earn this badge


Be an active member on the site for 6 months to earn this badge (awarded multiple times)

1 Required Step

  • Visit the site at least once each month for 6 months


Join a group or classroom and write your first post in there to earn this badge

2 Required Steps

  • Join a group
  • Write a post in a group


Create a profile on the site to earn this badge

1 Required Step

  • Create and activate your account


Be frequently active and mark things in the activity stream as favorite weekly for a month

1 Required Step

  • Favorise at least one item in the activity stream each week for 4 weeks

To get started, go ahead and add a profile image and maybe fill out your entire profile to earn these badges:


Add a profile image to your profile to earn this badge

1 Required Step

  • Add a profile image


Finish your profile with profile image, cover photo and updated profile info to earn this badge

3 Required Steps

  • Add a profile image
  • Add a cover photo
  • Update profile info

As you work your way through courses, disciplines and skills and learn new terms, formulas and properties, you will struggle with remembering it all. So, we have set up a memory inventory on your profile where your memories are stored as you go through courses – go there to refresh your learning.

When you mark a skill completed, all new memories within that skill will immediately be saved to your memory inventory.