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Discussion groups (forums) & classrooms

Each course has its own classroom for participants’ interaction with each other, where courses and lessons are discussed. Everything from the structure, feedback and factual questions are welcomed here from anyone to be answered and discussed by other users.

Don’t hesitate to engage in a discussion or conversation about a topic. We only urge you and all users to be polite and non-aggressive, even in case of disagreements.

General forums or discussion groups are found in the top menu. You can create more groups yourself and even make them private and only for the invited few, so your colleagues or friends can interact for yourselves.

Note that

  • groups and classrooms by default are visible to all members (but hidden from non-members), that
  • all content, both future and past content, in groups and classrooms is available to all group members, and that
  • private groups are hidden from all non-invited members (only accessible by admins).