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The world is full of questions. Not just high-tech ones about space ships, power plants and computer programming. Also subtle ones about our everyday lives:

  • Does your kid ever, curious of the world, ask ‘why can’t we pour electricity into a cup?’,
  • your sister ‘why does the bike wheel fall over when standing still but not when rolling?’,
  • your colleague ‘that satellite hanging up there above our heads all night, why doesn’t it fall down and crash?’,
  • your partner ‘why can I hold a plastic spoon but not a metal spoon in the boiling soup?’ or
  • your father ‘why is the dawn red and the midday sky blue when space is black?’?

Can you answer?

Would you like to be able to?

You don’t need a long technical education for that, nor a mathematical brain. All that matters is your imagination, intuition, and sense of logic – and a layperson’s explanation.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to answer? To understand how the world around us works? To be able to explain those technical peculiarities and natural phenomena that influence our daily lives? To point at anything in the room and be able to tell how and why?

Give this platform a chance, and this is the understanding and the skills you will acquire. Thank you for joining us.