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Our worldview

We create our content based on a set of fundamental beliefs about the world and about us as human beings. These are the very premise of the work we do and a belief system that we have found beneficial, pedagogical and motivational. The seven fundamental beliefs that constitute the core of this platform are:

  1. Simplicity The world is simple; how we use it is complicated.
  2. Ability Anyone can learn anything, without exception.
  3. Goal If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.
  4. Content The world consists of a few properties, mechanisms and phenomena.
  5. Approach Never believe, only understand.
  6. Tools You don’t need math to understand, only to use.
  7. Description The world works the same, regardless of how we speak about it.

They may seem odd and you may disagree with some of the points. We have explained our rationale for them in the News blog (click the links above), where you are welcome to comment and ask.

You do not have to think about these beliefs as you go on, they just indicate our approach to all content and all courses. The content on this platform is tailored to the layperson with respect for a non-mathematical approach. Follow the recommended paths through the discipline trees, and you will experience the technical world opening up for you without much effort.

We only urge you to not skip a single line. The content is stripped to the essence so that each skill can cover a single, short page. After finishing a skill, please spent a moment to fathom what was just described. Once in a while your perspective of the world will be pushed and possibly changed, and that takes mental effort to accept rather than reject.