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Each discipline is broken down into tangible easy-to-grasp portions that each cover a distinct skill. In the beginning of each discipline, you’ll see a roadmap of the skills it contains.

There are five different types of skills:

  • Technical skills about how the world works (gives you the technical understanding),
  • mathematical skills about how we describe the world with our human-made math “language”,
  • engineering / application skills that show usage, methods and examples (covers both human-made inventions and nature’s creations),
  • philosophical skills that look into our human experience, perception and thoughts about how the world works, and
  • historical skills with some deeper background into how certain things came about as well as historically important individuals.

A main path is colour-marked through the roadmap as the recommended minimum to gain proper coherence and proper insight into a discipline. That main path will usually cover most of the technical skills, and a few of the others.