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Target audience – is this for you?

All content on this platform is created and fine-tuned for the optimal learning of a layperson at any age. A layperson might be uneducated or educated in other fields that aren’t technical. No prerequisites are required – if you can count, then you can follow every aspect of our courses.

For each course – each discipline – you finish, you gain a new skill set. A skill set that enables you to understand and explain the world around you – enables you to point at anything around you and explain how it works. If you can explain it to a 10-year old, then the goal has been reached.

You are reading this because you most likely are within this target group – maybe you are here because you want or need to

  • improve your CV for a job application,
  • change your field of work,
  • improve your insight and foundation into a technical project or department you have been assigned to (you are possibly an employee or manager in a technical/engineering firm),
  • learn about certain technical topics from a different angle with a less academic approach (you are possibly a high-school or university student),
  • broaden your technical insight (you are possibly already technically educated but only in certain disciplines),
  • self-study your way to a “layman engineering” certification, or
  • as home-schooling material.

Apart from these reasons to dive into our course content, we are continuously working on expanding our community of users. A community that can become a valuable asset not only when following our courses but possibly also as a useful professional network of like-minded people for the future.