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Tasks, quizzes & problems

As proper educational material, we aim towards lifting you up the cognitive/educational taxonomy ladder a few steps. Each course thus ends with:

  • quizzes to help you recall and imprint what is learned in your memory and to properly understand it,
  • problems in real-life scenarios to solve theoretically to help you properly analyse and give a go at applying what you’ve learned, walking in the steps of an engineer, as well as
  • home-tasks for a practical hands-on experience to push you towards the skill of creating, evaluating and setting up experiments and demonstrations.

With these tests and challenges, you acquire both theoretical and practical skills and reach a higher overall skill level from a course.

You will receive a “recipe” with instructions for the practical home-task. Take a photo or video when solving the task and upload it to the platform, and it will be manually approved by our staff.

If you are lucky and have created good work, we will use them for illustrations and explanations on our platform with contributions to you.