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Tutors & admin contact

The platform is serviced by admins. If you find typos, errors or similar in any content or have other feedback as well as reports of improper behaviour by other users, please contact an admin.

You can contact admins in different ways:

  • Publicly: Notify an admin with an @mention anywhere on the site (in comments, posts etc.).
  • Publicly: Post in the Contact an admin discussion group, which is monitored by the admins.
  • Privately: Send a private message to an admin (admins can be looked up on the All users page.

For subscribers to our Tutor Plan, our corpse of skilled tutors stands ready to be of service via a 1-on-1 chat. Here you have the opportunity of reaching out to a human being as your personal assistance with questions and to clear out confusion on the fly while you are doing the courses.

To contact a tutor, simply click the menu point and then click to ‘Start tutor chat‘. A transcript of each tutor conversation will be e-mailed to you.

We strive towards having tutors available at least 8 am to 4 pm CET (central European time) on a daily basis on weekdays and possibly more often, when our tutors are free to log on. We do our best to incentivise our tutors to log on and assist our users, and we hope for your good rating of their assistance afterwards.

We trust our users to not exploit our tutors and cause their valuable time to be wasted. Please be reminded not to use our tutors as private teachers; we encourage many short to-the-point chats with our tutors rather than a fewer but long conversations. Please see our terms of service about fair use.