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Summary of the Interaction discipline

You have finished the 2nd and last course and have completed the Interaction discipline! We’ll recommend you continue to the Energy discipline, starting with Energy 1.

All learned properties and mechanisms are stored as memories on your profile, where you can always go to brush them up. Don’t forget the Interaction classroom for aid, questions and guidance while doing the finishing tasks.

New properties
Momentum$$\vec p$$
Impulse$$\vec J$$
Angular momentum$$\vec L$$
Precession speed$$\omega_\text{precession}$$
New mechanisms
Definition$$\vec p=m\vec v$$
$$\vec L=I\vec \omega$$ $$\vec L = \vec r \times \vec p$$
$$\vec J=\vec F\Delta t$$ $$\vec J=\Delta \vec p$$
Newton's 3rd law$$\vec F_\text{A on B}=-\vec F_\text{B on A}$$
"Speed difference" conservation$$\Delta v_\text{before}= -\Delta v_\text{after}$$
(Angular) momentum conservation$$\sum \vec p_\text{before}= \sum \vec p_\text{after}$$
$$\sum \vec L_\text{before}= \sum \vec L_\text{after}$$
New phenomena
Elastic & inelastic collisions
Mechanical pain$$\Delta \vec a_\text{body parts}$$
Rotational stability (gyroscope)