Motion 1

The ‘how fast’ and ‘how much faster’


Motion 1 Motion 2

Nothing happens until something moves

Albert Einstein

How fast does the best marathon runner run, how quick does the sprinter speed up, and how must the javelin thrower throw to reach the 98-metre World record?

This discipline answers the questions ‘how fast’ and ‘how much faster’ and makes us able to explain, describe and predict anything that moves.

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Motion 1 Motion 2

New properties
Speed $v$
Velocity $\vec v$
Acceleration $\vec a$
Jerk, snap, crackle, pop...
Absition, absity, abseleration...

New mechanisms
Definitions $$\vec v=\vec s'$$
$$\vec a=\vec v'$$
Motion equations $$v=v_0+at$$
Turning & circular motion $$a_\perp=\frac{v^2}r$$

New phenomena
Gravitational acceleration $g$
Centrifugal effect

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