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Summary of Rotation

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New properties
Angular position$\vec \theta$
Angular velocity$\vec \omega$
Angular acceleration$\vec \alpha$
Torque$\vec \tau$
New mechanisms
Definitions$$\vec \omega=\vec \theta'$$
$$\vec \alpha=\vec \omega'$$
$$\vec \tau=\vec r \times \vec F$$
$$I=\sum mr^2$$
Angular motion equations$$\omega=\omega_0+\alpha t$$
$$\theta=\theta_0+\omega_0t+\frac12\alpha t^2$$
$$\omega^2=\omega_0^2+2\alpha (\theta-\theta_0)$$
Newton's 1st and 2nd law in rotation$$\sum\vec \tau=0$$
$$\sum\vec \tau=I\vec\alpha$$
Parallel-axis theorem$$I=I_\text{com}+md^2$$
New phenomena
Geometric bonds$$s=r\theta$$
Centre-of-mass$$\vec r_\text{com}=\frac{\sum m\vec r}{\sum m}$$