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Summary of the Forces discipline

You have completed the Forces discipline! You should consider continuing to the Rotation discipline, starting with Rotation 1.

All learned properties and mechanisms are stored as memories on your profile, where you can always go to brush them up. Don’t forget the Kræfter-klasseværelse for aid, questions and guidance while doing the finishing tasks.

New properties
Force$\vec F$
Friction coefficients$\mu_k$, $\mu_s$
Stiffness / spring constant$k$
New phenomena
Kinetic friction (Amontons' law)$f_k=\mu_k n$
Statisk friktion$f_s\leq \mu_s n$
Normalkraft$\vec n$
Trækspænding$\vec T$
Elastic force (Hooke's law)$F_\text{elastic}=k\Delta L$
New mechanisms
Newton's 1st law$$\sum\vec F=0$$
Newton's 2nd law$$\sum\vec F=m\vec a$$