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Features in details

Access to our courses and disciplines at all levels, including continuous future releases. With a trial account, our basic courses are available free of charge. Basic courses are part 1 of a disicpline, typically the first half or third of the discipline; see the course page.

Online course access​

Filmed lessons

Our text-based lessons are being converted to film so that you can view and listen to our courses at your convenience as well.
Note: Filmed lessons are rolled out and added to lessons from November 2020.
Course resources are our collections of interesting and useful  overviews, data selections and samples, look-up tables, case-studies as well as proofs and derivations etc. that supplement the lessons.

Course resources

Gamification with badges and learning-memories​

To keep up your motivation and have you compete against yourself, you’ll earn badges by achieving certain milestones on the site and in the courses. Also, your learned knowledge will be stored as memories on your profile for you to always revisit to refresh your skills now and then.
Hands on! Our courses include motivational practical do-it-yourself task – we call them “home-tasks” – with materials, tools and objects that you’ll find in your own home, kitchen, bathroom, garden or office. These tasks cover experiments and demonstrations of physical mechanisms and phenomena that you will carry out, photograph/film and upload.

DYI home-tasks for hands-on in your own home​

Certification with diploma​

Finishing full sets or categories of disciplines grants access to certification exams. When passed, a personalized certificate will be provided for download for your own use. Certificates are included in the Premium subscription, and are available at a one-fee with the Basic subscription. You can download issued certificates from your profile at any time.
Note: Course certification is a new offer that becomes available by December 2020.
Our social community & network of other ambitious members provides a platform for our users to interact via a messaging system, forums for Q/A and discussion groups about specific topics with a well-known social-media feel.

Community access for social interaction

Forums for Q&A

Our social community & network of other ambitious members provides a platform for our users to interact via a messaging system, forums for Q/A and discussion groups about specific topics with a well-known social-media feel.
When you take a course, you will have access to the course’s classroom, where you’ll meet the other participants of course. Here you can communicate with them, share ideas and materials and discuss the contents of lessons.

Classroom access

Admin support

The site admins are ready to help you with technical issues and questions on the site, and any confusion that you may experience on our platform.
Our tutor corpse is ready to answer your questions via our personal 1-on-1 chat-messaging system. Get your factual questions and doubts cleared out with a human being at your fingertips in real-time. Tutor assistance is offered unlimited on a monthly basis, and we strive towards being available Monday-Friday 8-16 CET and often much longer.
We entrust our users to not exploit our tutors with ill intent and to obey fair use.

Real-time 1-on-1 tutor chat-assistance​

Live lectures & webinars​

Do you prefer live teaching with contact to the teacher and the option of asking question during the session? About once a month, live lectures will be announced and held as webinars where a course or discipline will be skillfully handled by the lecturer and taught on a live-stream with a question-feed where you can communicate with the teacher. For Basic subscribers, live lectures are available for basic courses. Basic courses are part 1 of a discipline, typically the first half or third of the discipline; see the course page.
Note: The first live lectures & webinars will be held the beginning of 2021.

Our courses are available in written form as a book series. Can be purchased in our bookstore. With a paid subscription, you are granted a personal discount code for all product purchases in our store. Find the code on your account.

Note: The first volume will be released by November 2020 and now volumes monthly.

The book series

Skill boxes, experimental kits

With our home-tasks included in paid subscriptions (see above) you can get your hands dirty with scientific experiments and demonstrations at home with stuff you can find in your kitchen, bathroom or living room.

But you naturally cannot find everything in your own home. We will therefor be designing skill boxes that contain special and less-available experimental kits and materials, such as glass prisms, interesting materials, lasers, chemical liquids etc. for you fun at home to excel beyond the roof. Stay tuned for this addition to our group of learning features.

Note: Skill boxes will be ready by the Summer of 2021.