Privacy Policy

Dear user (‘you’, ‘your’, ‘yours’), welcome to All That Matters Academy (‘us’, ‘we’, ‘our’) and to our online course platform (‘site’). Our privacy policy obeys the EU GDPR regulation complemented the Danish Data Protection Act. Below we clarify how we handle your personal information through the main principles of the GDPR as well as our cookie policy.


For user registration we only collect a minimum of necessary personal data (full name and e-mail address) and let you choose a username and password. Although optional, we will strongly encourage you to upload a profile photo to your account after logging in. It is your free choice to add further optional personal data (private and professional information, biography etc.) as well as cover photo and other photos to your user account (‘your data’) when logged in.

Certain services (e.g. certification and diplomas) as well as subscription purchases require more sensitive private details, such as full postal address and citizen ID (‘sensitive data’). If you wish to make use of such services, you must provide these data as well. Your sensitive data will only be visible to you and administrators.

For financial transactions and recurring payments with payment cards we collect your payment card data which is handled by our payment gateway provider Stripe, who stores it in an encrypted format. Card data is encrypted and not visible to anyone on the site, including administrators and Stripe. See more about financial terms and about Stripe in our Terms of Purchase, which you must read and accept in order to carry out a purchase.

When you participate in courses, we collect your progress, completion status, quiz results, assignment uploads, achievements, grades and certificates end the like (‘course data’). We furthermore collect your activity throughout the site to be displayed in activity feeds and timelines and to provide you with badges as achievement rewards. Except for certificates and other sensitive data, all such data and activity is visible for all users via your account or via activity feeds or timelines.

Cookies and sessions

  • A cookie is a text file created on your computer, which stays on your computer after you close the web browser.
  • A session (or session cookie) is a log created during your visit to a website, which will be removed when you close the web browser.

Our site uses sessions to log temporary data, such as purchase and delivery details in relation to the shopping cart and web shop. Without this session log, our site wouldn’t be able to remember your typed-in details in-between the steps of the purchase process, and the process would be impossible.

Our site furthermore uses cookies to remember your repeating data and preferences for your convenience and for our statistical purposes, such as to remember your log-in credentials so you don’t have to log in again at every new visit at the site, as well as to make statistical analyses on the use of our site.

Furthermore, we use tracking technologies such as so-called ‘pixels‘ on our site and in e-mails for statistical and advertising purposes and to understand our e-mail effectiveness and usage among our users. We use this information to improve the user experience on our site and to reach out to visitors.

Cookie, session or tracking data will never be used to identify individual users, and you can at any time delete your cookies via your web browser.


We collect anonymous data and hand it over to certain trusted third-parties that are bound by data protection agreements for statistical purposes. These data are anonymous and cannot be used to identify a specific user. We use:

  • Google Analytics for statistical analysis of site use and access, and
  • services via our One.com web host for statistical purposes.

Furthermore, we may once in a while grant temporary administrator rights to certain trusted third-parties for support, bug-fixing and maintenance:

  • Boss Media Ltd. provides support service for our BuddyBoss forums system and social platform as well as our web design.
  • Learndash provides support services for our Learndash LMS e-learning platform.
  • Our web host One.com A/S provides support services for our domain, web hosting and databases.
  • Facebook provides functionality for our pixel technology.
  • Caseproof LLC provides support for our payment funnel and webshop system Memberpress that collects your necessary data to carry through the purchase and connects to and communicates with the payment gateway.
  • Ruben Garcia Canto provides support for our GamiPress gamification, achievement and badge system that logs user activity across the site.
  • During login, registration and other form submissions, we use Google’s reCaptcha service for spam protection.

All such third-parties have committed to data protection agreements and will not pass any data made available to them on the site further to any other parties.

We reserve the right to hire short-term development work or maintenance aid, as well as graphical development work with administrator access from other third-parties under conditions and agreements that live up to at least the same level of data protection and confidentiality.

Data Quality and Relevance

It is your responsibility to keep all of your data up to date, whether required or optional. In particular, your e-mail address and full name must at all times be correct.

We will only display your personal data neutrally and in connection with your profile status (e.g. active or not-active), progress (e.g. in courses), social interaction (e.g. in forums) on certificates and diplomas and the like, and we will not merge or present your data in misleading or otherwise implying ways.


Your data will be displayed on the site in ways so that other users can identify you and your account when you participate in forum discussions, when users wish to contact you (messaging), when you participate in courses and the like.

We furthermore use your e-mail address or – if other means are not possible – postal address to contact you when we send or our site automatically sends

  • technically necessary messages and confirmations (e.g. for account verification, resetting password, purchase confirmations),
  • notifications (e.g. when you receive a message),
  • certificates, diplomas and other requested or achieved files,
  • change advises (e.g. before changes in our privacy policy, when a course you have finished is altered),
  • news-updates and offers (e.g. when new courses are added, updates are made, when free or discounted courses or products are offered to current users), and
  • for general communication (e.g. with account issues, user surveys, encouragements and newsletters).

General and anonymous data will be collected for statistical purposes. We will never sell, hand over to third-parties or in other ways handle any collected data for commercial purposes, including anonymous data.

Limitation of Use

We will not disclose, distribute, use or otherwise share your data in other ways than described above, except

  • when we have your clear, written consent and
  • in case of illegal activity and court-order warrants, in which case we will comply and pass over requested parts of your data and information about your use of our site to relevant authorities and police.


  • Your chosen password is encrypted and unavailable to anyone (also barred from administrator access).
  • Your sensitive data (e.g. citizen ID and address) as well as e-mail address are private and only available to you and site administrators.
  • Your private messages and private groups you participate in are only available to the participants in the message/conversation and group as well as administrators. Be aware that users added later to e.g. private groups will also have access to the group’s past activity and content, unless permanently deleted.
  • All other data will be available to all logged-in users.

Your profile is protected against editing by your login credentials, and can only be edited by you and administrators. Never share your password with anyone. Administrators and other users, who when logged in have access to parts of your data, are likewise required to safeguard their login credentials.


In case of planned changes in our privacy policy, we will inform you well in advance, at least with 1 month notice. You will then have the right to not accept the changes and to have your purchases of subscriptions and products from the site that you have not yet received in their entirety refunded and your account including all your data permanently deleted.

Subscriptions that are refunded due to non-accepted privacy policy changes are refunded in proportion to the remaining paid subscription period, rounded up to a whole month (as an example: if 1.5 months are left of a 6-month subscription and it is cancelled under these terms, 2 months of this subscription will be refunded, corresponding to 2/6, or 1/3, or the payment.)

We reserve the right to make minor edits (e.g. spelling fixes and reordering) in the privacy policy without notice, when it does not cause any change in legal meaning.

Your Participation

As a user of our site and services with a user account, you have the right to request a copy in readable clear-text of all data that we have stored about you (can be requested through the profile menu).

You furthermore have the right to have any incorrect data corrected or any data to be deleted.

  • If you require data deleted that is necessary for using our site or services (e.g. username, full name and e-mail address), we will have to remove your full account and you will not be able to use our site or services anymore.
  • If you require any parts of your course data (e.g. course progress, completion data, status and achievements) edited or removed, we will due to the technical interconnections, unless technically possible to avoid in specific cases, have to reset your entire course platform. All your course progress as well as your data stored in connection to courses will be permanently lost.

Accountability and Complaints

We carry the responsibility of breaches of the GDPR and Danish Data Protection Act by ourselves or by third-parties in case of missing, incomplete or non-fulfilling data protection agreements with these third-parties.

Any inquiries, request as well as complaints, comments and correction advises regarding this privacy policy can be sent directly to us per e-mail: mail@allthatmatters.academy, phone: +45 30583387 or to our postal address:

All That Matters Academy
Eremitageparken 103, 2c
DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby

In case of complaints regarding data protection or this privacy policy, we reserve the right to receive your initial complaint in order to do our best to resolve the situation for you. If you after our handling of your initial complaint wish to challenge our decision or handling of the complaint, you can file a formal complaint to The Danish Data Protection Agency.

All That Matters Academy is a Danish company registered at the Danish Business Authority per July 2019. Our VAT/CVR no. is: 40665412. We are the registrant of the following web domain names: www.allthatmatters.dk, www.allthatmatters.academy.