Resource: Energies overview

Overview of typical energies that we encounter or hear about in everyday life. This list can be extended massively within various fields of science, such as within chemistry, nuclear physics etc.

Mechanical energies
Gravitational potential energy$$U_g$$... when things are high up$$U_g=mgh$$
Elastic potential energy$$U_\text{elastic}$$... is "spring-back" energy $$U_\text{elastic}=\frac 12 k\,\Delta L^2$$
Kinetic energy$$K$$... when things move$$K=\frac12 mv^2$$
Electromagnetic energies
Electric potential energy$$U_e$$... when charges want to flow$$U_e=\frac 1{4\pi\varepsilon_0}\frac{qQ}r$$
Magnetic potential energy$$U_m$$... when metals move
Internal energies
Thermal energy$$E_{Th}$$... when things are hot
Chemical potential energy...$$U_c$$... in chemical bonds
Nuclear potential energy... holds an atom together
Radiation energies
Solar energy... heating up over a distance
Signal energy... sending signals over a distance
Radioactive energy... from radioactive materials radiating