Terms of Service

Dear user (‘you’, ‘your’, ‘yours’), welcome to All That Matters Academy (‘us’, ‘we’, ‘our’) and to our online course platform (‘site’). In order to create a user account and use our services, you must agree with these terms of service. We wish you a pleasant and rich learning experience!


These terms of service cover the use of our site, systems, products and services, including download, upload and submission of material to our site as well as use of our tutoring service (‘services’). If you do not agree with all terms as well as with our privacy policy, you may not use our services.

We provide our services through this platform to any individual at any age and level. In order to carry through purchases and any other financial transactions on our site or related to our services, you must be of legal age and must legally be allowed to use and account for your payment method. In case of refunds, we will in case of any doubt require ID and proof of payment method to ensure your identification and avoid fraud. See our Terms of Purchase for more details on financial transactions.


We own and reserve all rights to the use of original course and page material (text, imagery, icons, photographs, video material, animations, quiz structures and content) created by us on the site (‘our content’). We do not carry any responsibility for user-uploaded material.

We own and reserve the rights to the layout and design of certificates and diplomas, but certificates and diplomas are otherwise free for personal and commercial use by the course participant to which they are rewarded.

When you upload content (e.g. text, imagery, video material, photographs etc.) of your own creation to or when you create content on our site (‘your content’), you grant us full rights to use, handle, manage, show and store your content, given that you lawfully owned the copyrights before upload or creation. This does not change your own default right to use your content and you still keep ownership as well as full responsibility for the legality and appropriateness of any material that you upload (e.g. in forums and course assignments). This includes your responsibility to ensure that you have the legal rights to upload or create your content.

We reserve our right to remove content, such as inappropriate and illegal content, at any time without notice. Our site should not be used as a storage platform, and we carry no responsibility for lost content of any kind.

How you may use our services

In order to use our site, you may use a web browser to view and print pages, stream multimedia files and download pages for caching. Unless you are granted administrator rights by an administrator, you may only modify information about yourself as well as materials, course progression, course work and forum posts, messages and comments created by yourself on the site.

When clearly implied (e.g. for download of course material), you may download and use material for stated or clearly implied personal purposes (e.g. course materials may be downloaded and used for course participation).

Course participation is personal, and you may not let others participate in a course in your name, and also not alongside you. If you wish to use a course or parts of its content of lessons for teaching purposes of a class, please contact us to arrange further, as this is not permitted by default.

Material that you do not own the rights to may not be used for commercial purposes (e.g. sold or rented), may not be republished on another website or made available to the public, and it is strictly prohibited to distribute course material to non-participants of the course. It is furthermore strictly prohibited to copy, share and in other ways make public any information (including imagery, videos and other multimedia) about other users that you have access to as a user on our site.

Contact between users

As a user on this site you may create posts, respond to other users, comment on pages and posts etc.

You may take contact to other users through the features of this site, such as calling for their attention (through @mention), sending them private messages, inviting them to groups, following them and their activity etc. You accept that other users are equally allowed to take contact to you.

You may not take contact to other users outside of the site without their consent.

You may not contact other users with ill intent and with harmful or malicious writing or content as defined below under Harmful or illegal use and Rules for content.

Contact an administrator immediately if these rules for contact from user to user are broken. You must follow and comply with instructions, orders, as well as any warnings or reprimands given by administrators. Failure to comply risks leading to suspension or permanent removal of your user account at the discretion of the administrators.


We reserve the right to restrict access to our site or parts of our site when necessary (e.g. for maintenance or bug-fixing) with a reasonably timed notice to all users when scheduled (per e-mail or as a page banner) and without warning when sudden and important. You may not try to circumvent such restriction.

Harmful or illegal use

You may not knowingly use our services in a manner that harms or damages the site, its content, its performance, its accessibility or its users.

We expect you to behave appropriately and respectfully in our social community to ensure a professional atmosphere. You may not use our site for harmful or fraudulent purposes towards other users nor upload or create harmful or fraudulent material (e.g. spyware, viruses and key-stroke loggers). You may not commit or participate in threats, manipulation, bullying, insults or other generally unacceptable behaviour towards other users.

You may also not perform systematic data collection or extraction from users of the site, and you may not use any data or information from users on the site for direct marketing purposes without their clear prior consent (e.g. e-mail, text messages, direct mailing and phone calls). You may not use other users’ data to contact them personally outside of the site without their clear consent.

You may not fill in wrongful personal information about yourself or others on the site or otherwise give wrongful information.


You can create a user profile / account via the registration form. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to verify your e-mail address. When registering, you are asked for a minimum of required personal information, and you can optionally fill in more information on your account when logged in. Note that all added personal information to your profile can be seen by other users, except for your password and e-mail address.

You may not log in to or use another user’s profile at any time. You must at all times keep your password secret from others, and must reset your password immediately if others get knowledge of it. Please notify an administrator, if you suspect suspicious use or unauthorised access. You carry the responsibility of any harm done to the site due to unauthorised access with your password.

You are free to choose any technically allowed username, except for usernames containing insults, foul language or otherwise inappropriate messages or words. You may not impersonate another person. The decision of whether a username is inappropriate is at the sole discretion of the administrators – you must comply with administrators’ demands of changes in username or other personal and public information.


We reserve the right to edit your account details when clearly wrongful (e.g. spelling mistakes and words written in wrong fields) as well as to suspend your account permanently or temporarily without notice in case you breach with these terms in any way.

We furthermore reserve the right to edit, move or otherwise change your account in connection with site development and maintenance without notice and without explanation.

You may at any time request your user account deleted permanently by contacting us. Any purchases, material and other content connected to your account will then be lost permanently. Refunds will not be granted for unused or not-completely used products and courses in case of permanent account deletion.

According to GDPR regulation, you have the right to request a print-out of all information that is saved about you on the site. Such request can at any time be made via your account.

Our right to your content

While you keep the full, original rights of ownership and legal responsibility of your content as well as the rights to use it, you grant us right to use, handle, manage, show and store your content when uploaded to or created at our site. This granted right is a full royalty-free, world-wide and irrevocable license for us to use, store, publish, manage, handle, distribute and reproduce your content in any form and for any media in relation to our services, products and site, including for advertising and marketing purposes.

When the site’s features make it possible, you may without notice remove or edit your content. If we suspect that you misuse our services or breach these terms in any way, we may without notice edit, delete or hide your content.

Rules for content

Your content on our site must not be illegal, libelous or knowingly false or fake, nor legally suspicious or concerning, and must not incite or promote illegal, legally suspicious or concerning activity in any way. Your content must not infringe upon any copyright, trademark, patent or other legal right.

Your content on our site must furthermore not be pornographic, erotic, violent or otherwise unfit for all ages, nor discriminating, racist, hateful, encouraging to abuse or inappropriate behaviour, obscene or the like.

Your content on our site must not infringe upon any right of privacy, breach with confidentiality or legally mandated secrecy, court order or restraint or the like.

And lastly, your content on our site must not be knowingly be misleading, ‘spamming’ or ‘trolling’ or in other ways misuse the trust and respect among our users.

Tutor assistance

Some of our services and subscriptions include tutor assistance. Tutor assistance is provided as 1-on-1 communication between the user and one of our tutors via a chat system on our site.

We only provide tutoring assistance within scientific and engineering disciplines that we offer courses within on this site (‘our expertise’). Our tutors may, though, bring other skills and expertise that you are welcome to ask to. We and the tutors make no guarantee of the quality of such other subjects that are not within our expertise, and the tutor may deny this assistance of any reason.

When contacting a tutor, you and the tutor are expected to communicate respectfully in a proper tone, voice and manner. We do not tolerate abuse, bullying or other ill-intended, harmful, malicious etc. communication; communication between a user and a tutor must live up the requirements described above in Harmfull or illegal use, and shared content must obey the Rules for content described above. If a tutor acts disrespectfully or otherwise breaks with these requirements, you must immediately contact an administrator.

If a user contacts a tutor or requires tutoring assistance without prior purchase or grants of a product, service or subscription that includes tutor assistance, we are under no obligation to assist the user.

The user may request but not demand contact to a specific tutor. Our tutors have the right to deny assistance to any user at any time of any reason. We will then provide that user another tutor, unless there are reasons (such as breaches of these terms) for blocking the user from tutor assistance entirely.

‘Fair use’ of tutor assistance

We entrust our users to obey fair use when using our tutors. We define ‘fair use’ as respectful contact with a tutor without putting restrictions on the tutor’s time and without blocking the tutor from other users over extended and unreasonable periods of time. Our tutors must not be exploited as private teachers, and we thus encourage several but shorter chats rather than a few but long conversations between the user and a tutor. We expect fair use of tutors, not in order to limit the individual user from tutoring assistance, but in order to ensure reasonable access to tutoring assistance for all users.

Our tutors will not provide final answers and complete homework, tests, assignments or the like for you. Our tutors will instead approach your questions or issue with a pedagogical scope and try to find the cause that prevents you from solving the issue at hand yourself. You must understand and accept that a tutor is not an ‘answer sheet’, and the tutor’s purpose is not to solve tasks but rather enable you to solve them yourself.

The user may request but not demand, and the tutor is under no obligation to provide, video tutoring sessions or other types of communication than via the tutor chat. Our tutors do not provide home-tutoring and do not meet with our users in person.

Tutor availability

We do not promise the availability of tutors at any time. We strive towards but do not always live up to tutors being available on a daily basis on weekdays (Monday to Friday, Danish national holidays are exempt) during usual work hours in central Europe (as written on the site). Our tutors may often be available outside of this time frame as well.

Our tutors may be occupied with other users and we do expect high-demand periods form time to time, and we thus expect your understanding and patience when contacting a tutor. Our tutoring assistance service functions similarly to usual online chat supports, and we strive towards but do not promise fast responses within a few minutes to all messages by users who take contact.

Messages, questions etc. that require deep analysis, much thought, high skill-level or in other ways are either time consuming or only solvable by specific tutors, may be handed over to another tutor. This may cause delays and waiting time, for example if the tutor with the necessary expertise is not currently online.

Our tutors are skilled and trained in their fields, but errors, mistakes and misunderstandings etc. may happen as we are all human beings. We do not warrant the correctness of every part of the tutor’s assistance; see more below in Warranty limits.

Warranty limits

We do not warrant, promise or carry any responsibility for the completeness or complete correctness of information published on or provided via our site or from our tutors.

As an electronic, server-based service that relies on server and domain administration from external web hosts, we take reservations of site downtime from time to time and do not take responsibility of full timeliness and accessibility. We take our reservations for spelling and grammar mistakes, mistakes in notation, mathematical derivations, proofs and expressions and scientific terms, and for other text and content mistakes. Please inform us with any mistakes you find in course content, and we will fix it as quickly as possible.

We reserve the right to take down the site and shut down our services and company, as well as to alter our business model causing a fundamental change of our services that may cause the current services to be discontinued, at any time without notice or explanation. In such event refunds for unused products and services will be granted, unless technically and financially impossible.

Under no circumstances do we carry economical responsibilities for our users’ use of or loss due to their use of our services or site. We carry no responsibilities for any loss of business value, revenue, contracts, data or the like in relation to a user using our services or site. This includes the user’s use of our tutoring assistance services.

Breaching these terms of service

If we reasonably suspect that you have breached these terms of service, we may – but are not required to – send a warning, suspend your account or prohibit or prevent your access to the site. In cases or legal breaches and criminal activity, we may take legal action against you and we will comply with authorities and court-order warrants.

Contact information

If you have inquiries, questions, objections or other comments to these terms of service, please contact us directly via e-mail: mail@allthatmatters.academy, phone: +45 30583387 or to our postal address below:

All That Matters Academy
Eremitageparken 103, 2c
DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby

All That Matters Academy is a Danish company registered at the Danish Business Authority per July 2019. Our VAT/CVR no. is: 40665412.