The Energy discipline is live!

A new discipline in the fundamentals of Energy is live!

Momentum, impulse, force, acceleration etc. are all involved with causing motion. Energy on the other hand is involved with “storing” motion.

What does that mean? And what’s all the fuss about an energy conservation law? Have a look in the Energy discipline. Energy is truly what rules the world.

Energy 1 is open for all; Energy 2 is for subscribers.

The roadmap through the skills of the Energy discipline covers broadly:

Note the cogwheels indicating when a skill contains a task for you to complete before continuing. All discipline roadmaps have been updated with cogwheels for your overview.

We are at the moment creating video clips of home-tasks and practical demonstrations for you to watch and follow along with to fully engage into a task that you must perform when participating in a course. The first ones will be rolled out primo August.

I hope you like the new discipline! You can share watch on your mind in the Energy classroom. Enjoy!

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